• I drank some of the Idlers Koolaid.

    Easy does it. My firecrotch ginger cohabitant is a budding copywriter who made me appreciate the beauty of simple speak. I’ve always perceived myself an anti-obscurantist, vehemently opposed to useful information being hidden in a web of arbitrary procedure, verbose direction and nonconcomitant complexity. I try to be funny. Perhaps there is room in our […]

  • No Filter : Cadre Consumption (Collaborative Consumption in SA)

    “  No Filter” is a new feature in my blog that I want to use as a platform for unfettered, flow state articles. I want to publish ideas off-the-cuff and hopefully spark a conversation or flesh them out at a later stage. South Africans by in large love to consume, spend, with individual borrowing pegged at […]

  • Das Mensch (Human) Kapital

    I recently wrote a piece on the proposed National Minimum Wage (NMW) in South Africa. Although mention of the wage floor was limited in both this year’s State of the Nation Address and the Budget Speech, it is no less a hot topic. In my research I looked at patterns of inequality, unemployment and wage […]