• 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Learn Chinese

    South Africa’s Education department has supposedly suggested that Mandarin is to be taught in schools. While there may be proponents to the idea (certainly has been a popular one) here are ten reasons why I don’t think it’s a great idea

  • Size Matters: Macro vs Micro Finance in Africa

    Tale of Two TED Talks First by young entrepreneur Sangu Delle on how large-scale finance would lead to large-scale impact across the African continent. Second one by Joy Sun, who advocates for microfinancing as a means of allocating funds efficiently. Going Big Think the Marshall Plan … for Africa. After the devastation following World War […]

  • Part II: Moer en Soek

    Where are we? In the first edition to our “Is South Africa Great?” series we unpacked the makings of the basic state, we agreed that what would then define whether or not South Africa had the makings of a great nation-state would be its performance in those areas. Our analysis came down to two definitions […]

  • Part I: The National Quagmire

    As a South African I get aroused, as many of my compatriots do, at the mention of our country in any international media outlet, whether the news is good or bad [See Twitter]. We love the sound of our own name, and it goes without saying that there is some sense in how we speak […]