• Beware the Dirty Liberal

    Why is the word “liberal”a dirty word in South Africa? Why is the centrist conservative leader  of the opposition Mmusi Maimane, who is also an Evangelical who believes sodomy to be an abomination, often wrongly accused of being a liberal as an insult?  This is the country with Africa’s (and arguably the world’s) most liberal […]

  • Tax & Public Spending: Not as easy as Pie

    This is a response I wrote to an article from rollingalpha.com ( a Finance quip I presume). I being a generalist often stay clear of specialists in their natural habitat; but this particular piece began as disdain for the Finance Minister’s mention of “tax evasion” and “profit-shifting” in the  Mid-Term Budget Speech and descended into […]

  • 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Learn Chinese

    South Africa’s Education department has supposedly suggested that Mandarin is to be taught in schools. While there may be proponents to the idea (certainly has been a popular one) here are ten reasons why I don’t think it’s a great idea

  • Size Matters: Macro vs Micro Finance in Africa

    Tale of Two TED Talks First by young entrepreneur Sangu Delle on how large-scale finance would lead to large-scale impact across the African continent. Second one by Joy Sun, who advocates for microfinancing as a means of allocating funds efficiently. Going Big Think the Marshall Plan … for Africa. After the devastation following World War […]

  • Longform’s Picks of the Week

    Longform’s Picks of the Week.

  • The Truman Show: 5 Ways to Navigate Through Your Fake Life

    You won’t get a five point listicle because I lied. Truth is however, we might just learn to deal with dishonesty at the end of this. Earlier this year it was found that there were some inaccuracies in the US Government’s recantation of the Bin Laden raid. Veteran journalist, Seymour Hersh, found that Bin Laden […]