It’s been exactly a month since I’ve published an entry. This isn’t due to a loss in enthusiasm. I’ve changed my process and now instead of taking a day off to put together a moderately lettered post, I’ve decide to work on multiple projects at once, and publish twice weekly. This is where we are. This post is really a letter to you who has given an ear to this experiment in idealism, and taking on my own self-doubt. The reception has been great, and I am nothing short of thankful. Here’s a preview of what’s to come. (I’ll provide a link to the relevant articles as they become available)

Count Me In: Understanding the Inclusive Innovation. This will look at how description and prescription of innovation is changing.The urbanisation and rapid growth in emerging markets has contributed to a collectively significant market segment at the bottom of the pyramid, it is increasingly opening the field to disruption as innovators are being forced to tear up the rule book.

Is South Africa Great?  I made a promise to you in the first post and you could look forward to the next installations of the series. Part II: Security; Part III: Democracy; and Part IV: The Verdict

Churchill the Disruptor, Fringe Personalities and Disruption. There’s no doubt that disruptive personalities are far from normal. A study found that incidence of mental illnesses such as depression, ADHD and anxiety are higher in Silicon Valley than in the general population, Winston Churchill himself showed signs of manic depression. Are disruptive leaders great because of these ills or despite them?

Building In Democracy into our Cities: Developing the Post-Apartheid City. The National Development Plan (NDP) described geographical spatial distribution as a problem that has persisted after the fall of apartheid. The spaces we live in were designed to segregate. As in many colonial societies, cities and spaces were designed to serve one segment of the population and specifically keep out another; many post-colonial states such as Brazil have gone as far as to build entire cities from the ground up that would be models of the new society they were constructing. I think South Africa should focus on redesigning the urban landscape by tearing down and building up a fresh concept of city-living in a new democratic dispensation.

Exciting times lie ahead. I will intermittently publish posts related to other topics as they come up. I leave you with words from Shia LeBeouf: LET’S DO IT!!!